Friday, February 4, 2011

A few of my favorite Etsy Shops

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Breed Profile: Cornish Rex (aka Princess Khaleah)

I often get asked by people:
"what type of cat is that?"
"what is wrong with that cat?" and
"IS that a cat?".
The answers are:
"She is a Cornish Rex cat"
"There is nothing wrong with her she is beautiful"
"Of course it's a cat, dummy".

Her name is Khaleah (pronounced KA-LEE-AH) and she is a Cornish Rex breed of cat.

They started as a natural occuring mutation in which the cat never developed the outer layer of hair. So they only have the soft curly undercoat. They are very playful and not very "cat-like". They are cold and like to be in blankets and in your lap all the time.

Once you start petting her, you can't stop because she is so so soft.

Click HERE to see her in action in a video.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cold Cold Puppies!

My baby puppy (he isn't really a baby) has been so so cold the last few days. By the time I figure out what to dress him in, the cold snap will be over.

These are the best things I found browsing Etsy for keeping your puppy warm. Be sure to check out this treasury to visit these great shops.

Of course some of these things just keep your puppy looking good, not so much warm.

Which is your favorite??