Monday, May 31, 2010

Treasury Tuesday - I might be that crazy cat lady everyone talks about!

I love cats! There I said it. I would be happy with 12 of them. However I think I would be well divorced by then. I have a wonderful cornish rex cat named Khaleah (pronounced Ka-lee-uh) and a beautiful orange tabby Koopa Cat.

So for this week's treasury is called "It is the Cat's MEOW!" (I know... not very orginal). Be sure to visit the shops, they have so many cute things!

1. Cat Bear Hat - xmoonbloom
2. Cat ID Tag - TheCopperPoppy
3. Catnip Eyeballs - HannaPT
4. Haz Cheesburgr - GEEKitty
5. Kitty Portrait - guyjoey10
6. Luxury Bed - IncredibleCat
7. Catnip pillow bed - handmade2save
8. Cat Beret - To Scarborough Fair
9. Felted Fox Toy - TeddysToys
10. Kitty Collar - 77LIONHEART77
11. Cornish Rex Portrait - Dog Art Studio
12. Scratching Tree - PetTreeHouses

How cute would Khaleah look in this dress? I know it is a portrait, but if this were a real dress... she could pull it off! She would need the raspberry beret to go with it!

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Preppy Card Challenge #5 - 10 cards in 10 weeks

Okay I am halfway to the end of my personal 10 cards in 10 weeks challenge. These cards are inspired by my friend Elle. Click HERE to see why we are doing this challenge.

Inspiration Photo from Preppy Elle (visit her completely Preppy Blog HERE):

Preppy Inspired card #5:

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Preppy Card Challenge #4

I am late on this week's card for two reasons.... 1. I was traveling last week. 2. The pictures I took of this card before I left... super sucked. I re-took the pictures when I got back and they are not much better. I am starting to blame my camera.

Ok please visit Elle's "Completely Preppy" blog. She is doing a clothing challenge where she wears a different outfit to work for 50 work days. She is about half way through. How cute is she??

Every week she is picking something from the world of fashion to inspire a card. I have to make 10 cards in 10 weeks. At the end of 10 weeks she is moving away =(

Click to see Card 1, Card 2 and Card 3

So last week she gave me the inspiration for card #4 and card #5. However I have only completed card #4. I will post card #5 very soon and be all caught up for next week. Okay enough lamenting....

Inspiration piece from Elle (I want this to be my bedroom!):

My Card:

Be sure to check out our Etsy shop (Elle is my partner in the Etsy shop. She mostly inspires me or yells are me).

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Treasury Tuesday - Plush Emotions

Kind of a bummer this week. I donated 3 sock creatures to a silent auction at my son's school. Click HERE to see the set I donated. They didn't get one bid... I finally bid so they wouldn't be left there. So in the end I bought back my own sock creatures! At least I am a loyal customer of mine! =)

I have been thinking that maybe my sock creatures need better facial expressions, or eyelids. So my treasury this week is called:

"Full Range of Emotions with Softies".

These shops have the cutest plush and these are the best facial expressions around! If you aren't familiar with the Etsy Treasury, click HERE to take a look. You should visit these shops because this only scratches the surface of the great looking plush in these shops! Click the shop names below.

So thank you to these artists for the additional inspiration I need to get my sock creatures looking more "emotional".

1. Mad Monster - Cronopia6
2. Mischievous Monkey - Amigurumi Princess
3. Dweezil - Misfit Menagerie
4. Kitty Cat - Gush 4 Plush
5. Happy Bunny - Gush 4 Plush
6. Mr. Fox - Strawberries and cream
7. Ornery Felt Toad - Woodland Wool
8. LOL - Mint Conspiracy
9. Shiver Friend - Ohma Felt
10. Sad Little Mouse - Elly Charlotte
11. Jellyfish - Curster
12. Monster Man - Tight Ship
13. Pink Monkey - Cute Designs
14. Owl - Sassy Pack Rat Studios
14. Queen of Hearts - Plushroom Soup
15. Canoodle - Canoo

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Etsy Inspired Challenge #88 and 15 Subscribers!

First... a huge Thank You to all the new subscribers to my blog. I am enjoying posting and getting to know such nice people. I am having such a great sense of community. So thanks again!

Ok... now onto this weeks Etsy Inspired Challenge. The inspiration shop this week is called Made by Michelle Bursegaard. What an extremely talented designer! You need to check out her shop.

I have been planning to make a "will you be my bridesmaid" card for my Etsy shop for a while now. But I have been a little stuck. Well Michelle's shop had just the inspiration I needed. Check out these great photo's and paintings of vintage and handmade Barbi dresses.

I couldn't think of a better inspiration for my "will you be my Bridesmaid" cards!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

EBTKS Challenge - Sketches Inspire

While browsing through blog land, I came across the Everything But the Kitchen Sink Challenge. There inspiration this week was this fabulous sketch. I just had to try it out, I love the clean lines and simplicity of it. Be sure to check out the blog for some other great cards inspired by this sketch.

Okay..... anti-climactic drum roll.....

I am very appreciative to blogs that post these challenges. I have felt so creatively drained that past few months and I feel like I have gotten a second wind. Thanks so much!

I will be posting this card in my Etsy Shop MD Cards and Gifts later this week! Yeah I am making progress!

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Etsy Inspired Challenge #88 - Challenges are fun!

This is my 4th time to participate in the Etsy inpired challenge. I have been inspired so much since I started and I am going to start entering more challenges soon! What a great way to get out of a creative rut! I am even thinking of starting a challenge about sock creatures to help fill my Wanted Creatures Etsy shop.

The shop this week is called Creation Designs, they sell cute vintage items. My inspiration piece was a cute Siamese cat statue. It was so cute that it already sold!

I absolutley love Siamese cats, well cats in general. Here is my beautiful girl! (remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder)

Now, all that is out of the way.... Here are my cards. I made a set of 4 coordinating mini cards.

Sorry, these aren't the best pictures ever! Thanks for taking a look. These cards will be listed in my Etsy Shop MD Cards and gifts (but I will try to take some more pictures).

Monday, May 17, 2010

Etsy Treasury Tuesday

Some of the things I collect include dice and game pieces. I especially like vintage and antique game pieces. Something about them just makes me happy. When I got an Etsy Treasury yesterday I decided to do one about my love of old board games and all that goes with them! Most of the shops this time are vintage shops. In addition to having great handmade items on Etsy, there are fantastic vintage shops.

So I present to you my Treasury "Sorry! I'm Board".....

Visit these wonderful shops by clicking on the shop name. Each has many more vintage and handmade items for your viewing pleasure.

1. Sorry! Game pieces - INeed That
2. Dog Vs. Hat - John Tebeau
3. Vintage Parcheesi - Vintage Works
4. Vintage Dominoes - Vintage Eye
5. Monopoly Notebooks - Beach Chicken
6. Clue Weapons Photo - JENNJADE
7. Vintage Scrabble Tiles - Donna J's Vintage
8. Vintage Bingo Cards - Emmy Lucy
9. Games People Play Art - Red Letter Words
10. Vintage Roman Chess Set - Trillity
11. Vintage Trivial Pursuit - Meer Kate
12. Vintage Sorry! Journal - Another Work in Progress

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Preppy Inspired Card #3 - 10 cards in 10 weeks

My friend and co-worker is leaving for medical school in a few weeks. On her blog, Completely Preppy, she is doing a challenge in which she can't wear the same outfit twice until she moves. Click HERE to read more about it. I am challenging myself to make 10 cards in 10 weeks. Elle will pick out an item from the world of fashion to be my inspiration. This week she gave me this fab picture!

Elle could absolutely pull off this look! Martini glass and all...
Check out this blog post for proof!

Here is the card it inspired:

See this card and others at our Etsy shop MD Cards & Gifts.
Thanks for stopping by! Come back next saturday to see the next card in my "Preppy inspired" card challenge.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Birth of a Sock Creature

I am donating 3 wanted creatures to my son's school for a silent auction they are having. Since all the boys my son's age really like the sock creatures, I thought they might be a good fit. I also thought it might be fun to take you through the process of creating a sock creature. (mind you, the sock does most of the hard work). This particular guy I sewed by hand. So here we go....

Step 1: Inspiration! (sometimes mine comes from my son's drawings, it is amazing what the 9 year old mind comes up with) This time he came up with a whole page full of choices for me.What to choose....what to choose. Okay after much debate we decided this guy would be good. I have been wanting to do a set of fangs.

Step 2: Pick out the socks that will work. I decided to use a glove for the spikes on the head and a black sock for the body. The sock has a gray heel so that will be his lips. I get a scrap from a gray sock to be the arms and a scrap of white sock for the teeth. Then I cut everything out.

Step 3: sew, sew, sew all the pieces. This gives you the final skin. I usually attach my arms after I stuff him. At this point it is a mystery if he will be cute or not. I am leaning toward cute, in a creepy way. But you never know until you stuff it.

Step 4: Stuff him! Oh crud, he isn't looking so cute now! His head is twice as big as his legs and he looks like he is stuffed with pork sausage! My husband and son make fun of him for about 10 minutes with phrases like "'s different" and "are people supposed to buy that?" and "the charity might pay you not to donate him". Then I pout for about 24 hours.

Step 5: I carry on because sometimes they get better right? Okay so I decide the glove head is looking weird so I make pigtail looking ears. I sew half the mouth, hey wait, wasn't he supposed to have fangs? Okay so I can add one fang to other half... turns into fang/tongue. Add the arms and button eyes and he isn't looking so bad now!

Step 6: Name, Praise and Delivery!
Name = "Snaggle"
Praise = "That came out great honey, I was wrong to doubt your talents" (I embellished the quote a little).
Delivery =

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Softies

I am just learning to sew (well by "just" I mean that I have been sewing for a year and still stink). I make sock creatures because the socks are very forgiving with bad sewing. They take on a life of their own and don't need much help from me.

On Etsy there are so many fantastic shops that share my love of all softies. Great artists that know how to sew. One shop I enjoy very much is called Plush Team. I am saving up to buy their annual that has tons of softies from incredible artists.

Well... imagine my delight when I found out they have a blog! I subscribed right away. One shop they are featuring is called Fur Will Fly. Super cute stuff. I love this guy.

They are also having a giveaway so if you stop by you might win winged Walter (the red guy, you know, with wings)!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My new Treasury on Etsy

I don't know what it is about the Treasury feature of Etsy. It is addictive! You only have a small window of time when you can get one and you have to be online at just the right time. So my Treasury today is called "Mapped!". It only stays up for about 2 days then it expires.

I absolutely love globes, maps and atlases. The sellers in this treasury have done some amazing work re-purposing old maps or sell great vintage and home decor pieces. I have gone to all the shops of the sellers below and there are some amazing things there! So click on the shop names below and check them out!

Click HERE to see my treasury and other great treasuries on ETSY

1. London Map Pillows - Vintage Jamie
2. Map Garland - Saratops
3. Vintage Globe - Bonton Vintage
4. Map wallet - My Paper Garden
5. World Map - Callaghan Art Gallery
6. Map Magnets - The Green Daisy
7. Map Envelopes - Ari and Maya Designs
8. Globe Necklace - Cuteability
9. Woven Map Cups - Sew Danish
10. Map Rose - Hope and Joy Studios
11. Framed Vintage Map - Revamp Boutique
12. South America Map - Hello Victory

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Random Movie Review - Avatar

Ok I know Avatar has been out for months and months but I just saw it Saturday night. So I am sure everyone has already seen it and this review won't be very helpful. But thought I would share anyway! If you haven't seen it yet, you might want to skip this in case I spoil something.

This might be unpopular because I know a lot of people love this movie. I didn't really like this movie, it was super long and confusing. I mean I don't understand when the main guy got to sleep. Do they just not need sleep in the future? He was busy being Avatar all day then at night he would be busy having witty banter with his human companions. THEN, oh time to be an Avatar again.

Ok so PRO's:
  • The ships and robots looked very cool
  • The colors were vivid and beautiful
  • They only made me read subtitles in parts of the movie
  • I did almost cry at one part so it did get me emotionally at some point.... not sure how that happened!
  • Super Long
  • Very preachy about the environment, war for commodities and terrorism. Can't I just see a movie without the hidden agenda?
  • The blue people and surroundings look too much like video game animation. Don't get me wrong, I love video game animation. I think in 10 years though this might begin to look cheesy.
Similarities to Titanic:
  • Avatar - girl is daughter of powerful tribe leader. Titanic - girl is daughter of powerful wealthy family.
  • Avatar - boy is last minute replacement for someone that couldn't go on the mission. Titanic - boy gets last minute ticket and replaces someone on the Titanic
  • Avatar - boy lacks knowledge and ways of the tribe, but is willing to learn. Titanic - boy lacks knowledge and ways of the upper class, but is willing to learn.
  • Avatar - Huge tree blows up breaks in half and smashes a bunch of people on the way. Titanic - Huge ship sinks breaks in half and smashes a bunch of people on the way.
  • Avatar - Two world collide, humans and aliens. Titanic - two worlds collide, poor and rich
  • Avatar - characters you come to care about die horrible unnecessary deaths. Titanic - ditto
I could go on, but don't want to bore everyone. If you can think of some more please leave a comment.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Etsy Inspired Challenge #87 and 10 followers

I am super excited for two reasons.

1. I have 10 followers! Thanks everyone for taking the time to stop by.
2. The Etsy inspired challenge this week was for a beautiful shop called Lindsay Brackeen

I am very thankful that I found the Etsy Inspired Challenge Blog. It combines my two favorite things: Etsy and Paper crafting! To find out more about the challenge click the link above.

This week's shop has the most beautiful prints. They really got me inspired and it was hard to choose one for inspiration. But this is the one I loved the most.

This is my card:

I couldn't get the blue just right. I absolutely love the blue in the Lindsay Brackeen print. I still love the results! I have posted this card in my Etsy shop MD Cards and Gifts.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

10 Cards in 10 Weeks - Week 2 - Preppy inspired cards

Week 2 of my preppy inspired challenge. Check out my friend's blog, Completely Preppy to see her "What preppy wore" challenge. She is helping me with my challenge (making one card a week for 10 weeks) by giving me an inspiration piece every Monday. This week she gave me this:

It has a lot of inspiration for me to work with! I was a little stuck on which direction to go with the card I am making. But was excited to give it a try.

For this card I wanted to capture the pink (of course), the shininess of the satin ribbon, the movement of the feathers and the accent of gold. I pulled out my embossing powder to make sure I would get a nice shiny gold. I thought I would share the heat embossing process in case anyone is curious about this technique.

First you just need your stamp, watermark ink, embossing powder and a heat gun.

Then stamp your image with the watermark ink and cover it with the embossing powder. Then you shake off the excess powder and are left with the powder that is stuck to the ink. Heat up the powder using the heat gun. The powder melts into a wonderful shiny sheen.

This is the complete card:

Thanks for stopping by! Visit MD Cards and Gifts, this card is posted there.