Thursday, July 22, 2010

Etsy Treasury of the week!

I have been so busy lately, I haven't felt like making a treasury. I feel like work has taken over all of my thoughts lately. That gave me an idea for this weeks treasury on Etsy. How wonderful would it be if I decorated my office.... Etsy Style!

Visit Etsy and my Treasury by clicking HERE.

Visit these great shops, they all have super cute stuff...

1. Post it notes clipboard - Creativecardsolution
2. Fabric Pushpins - The Dove Tree
3. Fox ipod case - NORM and Lou
4. Stuff To Do Notepad - modernmotive
5. Ceramic Owl Planter - fruitflypie
6. Briefcase - houdacrea
7. Mini Laptop Sleeve - KaraMiaSofia
8. Handknit Sweater - Silvia66
9. Silk Screen File Folders - paulehewlett
10. Sailing Ship Binder - Urbanposture
11. Mary Jane Pumps - kintique
12. Stripey Skirt - 11tyone
13. Peacock Post Its - MichelleBrusegaard
14. Ceiling Tin Memo Board - JoyFrameworks
15. Birds Paperweight - CrowBiz
16. Burlap Business Card Holder - sudesupplies

Monday, July 12, 2010

My first Non-Sock sewing job! (not too good)

Pulled out the sewing machine today to create an "outfit" for my sock creature. One of my co-workers is very sick and I wanted to give her a creature. I call her the "Alpha Male" of the office so we thought it would be funny to give it some camo.

I went to the Goodwill store looking for some Camo fabric. I found this old hunting vest. I washed it and it had something crinkly inside. Apparently the crinkly stuff broke apart and got all over the dryer (that is another story)

So I liked the cool pockets on the vest (Jeff says they are for your shot gun shells). So I ended up making it into a romper. Thank goodness it is supposed to look a little "off".... because it does. His new name is "Mobile Romper Unit Alpha"

I will probably put some very girly things in these pockets for my co-worker. Like lip gloss and nail polish. I mean he is wearing a ROMPER for goodness sake!

Thanks for taking a look!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pink and Green Treasury Thursday ... edition 2

If you are as big of a Pink and Green lover as my friend Elle, check out this great blog Pink Preppy Lilly Lover. Great photos on Thursdays that make you want to re-decorate and eat cupcakes all at the same time!

In honor of my upcoming Birthday, I have made this treasury to express my feelings about it through pink & green AND Etsy shopping!

My Treasury: "Birthdays R 4 Suckers"

Even though Birthdays are for suckers, these great Etsy shops are great! Please check them all out. I think I could use a little of everything!

1. B - BenandJess
2. I - PrettyWhimsical
3. R - Jenskelley
4. T - Scrabbledarte
5. H - Gripmac
6. D - Myspecialtreasures
7. A - brokendown
8. Y - ilovehearts
9. S - letterperfectdesigns
10. Felt Cake - onenonly88
11. R - ohhowcharming
12. 4 - modernfrills
13. Lollipop invites - CherryBlossomWay
14. Rainbow Lollipop - Tinytongue
15. Lollipop trio - VintageConfections
16. Girl w/ Lollipop - calobee

Now go shop!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Combined Challenge - PDCC36 and CPS 174

I decided to combine two challenges today. This is my first time entering The Play Date Cafe challenge.

So The Play Date Cafe has a great color challenge this week of Pink, Red and White:

Also check out the Card Positioning System Challenge. Using sketches is a great way to get inspired:

Unfortunately this card didn't photograph very well. But here it is!

Thanks for taking a look! Be sure to check out my Etsy Shop! That is where most of my challenge cards end up.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Preppy Card Challenge #9 and #10 - 10 cards in 10 weeks

This is my last installment of my Preppy Challenge 10 cards in 10 weeks. My friend Elle is wrapping up her What Preppy Wore Challenge too. Click HERE to see the latest installment. The end of these challenges mean that Elle is moving away =(

I will show cards #9 and #10 and then a recap of the entire challenge. Basically Elle picked an inspiration piece for me from the world of fashion weekly.

I would be super thrilled if you leave a comment and let me know which ones are your favs. My fav is the "preppy on the green" card #3, I also really like #7.

Thanks for checking it out! Elle I am going to super miss you!!

Inspiration #10

Card #10Inpiration #9

Card #9
Inspiration #8
Card #8

Inspiration #7

Card #7

Inspiration #6

Card #6
Inspiration #5

Card #5

Inspiration #4

Card #4

Inspiration #3

Card #3

Inspiration #2

Card #2

Inspiration #1

Card #1

Check out more of my cards in my ETSY shop!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Published in Stuffed Magazine!

I have been keeping this under wraps since Feb! For the most part because I was afraid I would tell everyone then it would turn out it was all a misunderstanding and Stuffed Magazine was publishing me by mistake. So on July 1st I felt like I was going to throw up, then the magazine came in the mail and I am really in it!!

So after months of not telling anyone, now I am totally telling everyone!

Another cool thing is that my sock creature idol, John Murphy, is the featured artist for this issue. John is very humble so I won't say he inspired me, but he helped me develop a passion for this great hobby! Thanks John.
Be sure to checkout his WEBSITE to get info on his latest book and see more of his creatures.

Yipee!! If you pick up an issue, my guy "Plank" is on page 133! Sorry for all the exclamation points!

This is the issue, click HERE to see more of this super cute magazine.
And of course you can see more of my sock creatures HERE.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pink and Green Treasury Thursday

I missed Treasury Tuesday, so I am making it up with Pink and Green Thursday!
This is dedicated to my friend Elle, who is moving away in just a couple of weeks. Here Pink and Green Thursday last week was all about pink and green fruit and veggies. It looked so cute, I decided to steal her idea and make that my Treasury theme on Etsy.

She also showed me the cutest blog that has a Pink and Green Thursday, every Thursday! It is called Pink Preppy Lilly Lover.

This week's Treasury:

Pink and Green Fruit

Be sure to check out all of these cute shops!

1. Watermelon Vase - Paniqceramic
2. Strawberry Earrings - ChelseaVanTol
3. Apple Print - flandersfield
4. Strawberry Magnets - tizzalicious
5. Apple Cozy - MelbaShoppe
6. Apple Bib - SoMommySew
7. Cupcake Earrings - beadpassion
8. Watermelon hat - BabbidgePatch
9. Plush Pears - PiecefullyHome
10. Cake Necklace - MistyAurora
11. Plush Strawberry - bubbletime
12. Apple Clutch - jstancati
13. strawberry coasters - AngelEllie
14. Watermelon Soap - soaps
15. Vintage Earrings - BreesVintageRevival
16. Pear Painting - maryhanks

Stop by my shop while you visiting Etsy.