Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Friday Night.... Rated R Movie Night!

Okay the movies don't always have to be rated R. On Friday nights our son spends the night at grandma's house, so we get a movie weekly that is not family friendly and try to watch it together on Friday nights. I thought it would be fun to share our thoughts on some of our movie choices. I will start with the movies we watched the last two fridays. There might be spoilers below so....consider yourself warned...

Inglorious Bastards - This movie was extremely violent and you had to read a whole lot of subtitles. Brad Pitt's Tennessee accent was annoying and movies about WWII are usually a downer. And in Quinten Tarantino fashion (spoiler alert) almost everyone dies. Jeff on the other hand loved parts of it (classic boy). Brad Pitt's accent did annoy Jeff too though.

Drop Dead Gorgeous - This is a "mockumentary" about a small town beauty pagent. It has a very young Kirsten Dundst, (pre-creepy) Denise Richards and (pre-chunky) Kirsty Alley. I thought it was super funny and wrong on so many levels. The highlight is when Denise Richards does a talent in which she performs with a life size doll of Jesus on the cross. In true "mockumentary" style, this one was silly and super fun.

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