Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Puppy vs. Kitty

I know I write a lot about my puppy, so please forgive and indulge me for a few minutes. In my adult life, I have only had cats. I am a total cat person and would have tons of them if I could. I thought "how different can a puppy be than a kitty?" Here are the highlights so far!

  • a dog will perform for treats, a cat never thinks any treat is worth performing.
  • a cat is discrete in its bathroom habits, she will cleanly cover up any evidence because she is far too dignified to relieve herself in public. A dog however, goes to the bathroom anywhere and everywhere. The more witnesses the better! "Hey group of random people, I think I will poop right in front of you and then embarrass my owner by making her pick it up. Again, in front of you!" You would never catch a cat just crapping on the sidewalk.
  • If you put a collar and leash on a dog, he is very happy and willing to start on an adventure. You put a collar and leash on a cat and the cat loses the ability to move. The cat goes into sudden paralysis and falls over in a stunned state.
  • Dogs like to wear clothes and seem to enjoy people looking at them. Cat on the other hand has a similar reaction to wearing a leash (see above).
  • A dog will run up to the dog lover of the group and enjoy being basked in attention. A cat will ignore the cat lover of the group and proceed to share her space with the cat hater/allergy sufferer of the group.
If you have some comparisons, feel free to share.

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