Thursday, July 22, 2010

Etsy Treasury of the week!

I have been so busy lately, I haven't felt like making a treasury. I feel like work has taken over all of my thoughts lately. That gave me an idea for this weeks treasury on Etsy. How wonderful would it be if I decorated my office.... Etsy Style!

Visit Etsy and my Treasury by clicking HERE.

Visit these great shops, they all have super cute stuff...

1. Post it notes clipboard - Creativecardsolution
2. Fabric Pushpins - The Dove Tree
3. Fox ipod case - NORM and Lou
4. Stuff To Do Notepad - modernmotive
5. Ceramic Owl Planter - fruitflypie
6. Briefcase - houdacrea
7. Mini Laptop Sleeve - KaraMiaSofia
8. Handknit Sweater - Silvia66
9. Silk Screen File Folders - paulehewlett
10. Sailing Ship Binder - Urbanposture
11. Mary Jane Pumps - kintique
12. Stripey Skirt - 11tyone
13. Peacock Post Its - MichelleBrusegaard
14. Ceiling Tin Memo Board - JoyFrameworks
15. Birds Paperweight - CrowBiz
16. Burlap Business Card Holder - sudesupplies


  1. Beautiful blog and treasury! Fantastic choices, thank you very much for including me here!

  2. Thank you so much for including me in you lovely blog!!

  3. Thanks for including my notepad. Great little treasury.

  4. I've long been a fan of making work bearable through awesome office supplies! Welcome to the world of Beyond Her!

  5. love the bird paperweight so stunning.... although I've never really understood the purpose of a paperweight.....

  6. Love the treasury! Thank you for featuring it on your blog!

  7. That birdie paperweight & those fun shoes both popped right out at me! :> How fun!