Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Treasury Challenge... Kind of

I had an idea for a treasury that combined my Chinese Zodiac sign with my Astrological sign of Cancer. I am not a crazy astrology follower but I think everyone likes to read the place mats at the Chinese restaurants.

So on to the challenge part! So I challenge you to:
  • Make a treasury based on your Chinese Zodiac and Astrological Zodiac sign
  • Bonus if you stay in a theme like "everything blue" or "all jewelry"
  • Additional Bonus if you find both your signs in one listing. (I hit the jackpot and found a zombie crabbit).
  • No prizes or anything just for fun, put a link to your treasury in the comments!
So check out My Treasury HERE

My son has requested a Lion/Dragon treasury so I am off to make it now!

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