Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Signs I am addicted to Video Games

Ever since I got my Atari 400 in 1980 something I have been in love with video games. We got the Pac Man game and a cool red joystick. Oh how I love the sound the ghosts make when you eat them. I also wanted to do everything my older (super nerdy, star trek watching, D&D playing) brother did. He loved video games, so I did too. Here are some things I do almost daily to prove that I still love video games.

- While I am watching TV I keep my Nintendo DS in my lap to play Soduku during the commercials.

- While I wait for my computer game to load, I play my hand held game to kill the 60 seconds of load time.

- I get motion sickness playing video games, but I still play until I feel like vomiting is imminent.

- I have literally fallen asleep holding a game controller

- I secretly don't want to "beat" a game, because then the honeymoon is over... =(

Love you Bro! Thanks for encouraging this nerdy, wonderful game addiction. This started out as a I love video games post, but turned into a mushy "I love my brother" post. (vomiting imminent)


  1. Aw, Maggie, that was so awesome to read. I hope your brother reads it and vomits too.

  2. ATARI....wow... I remember playing DigDug Centepede and Donkey Kong (Yep, Mario was not a superstar yet he just jumped over barrels that the big monkey kept throwing.) What a cool flashback....

  3. Read and Vomited in Happiness... love you too