Sunday, February 21, 2010

True Story Expriences Today!

Stopped in at McDonalds today for lunch. We ordered a McRib sandwich and the following happened:
  • "oops we are out of McRib"
  • cashier has cigarette tucked behind her ear. You gotta keep it somewhere, right?
  • "here is your money back for McRib"
  • Jeff says "well can I order something else, I really need some replacement"
  • okay we will take a Penguins of Madagascar happy meal, everyone loves Penguins!
  • Penguins of Madagascar happy meal contains one "Ice Age 2" Sabre tooth tiger toy. When did that movie come out??
  • (picture is just funny, has nothing to do with our experience today)
Next Stop Super Target
  • cashier: "Hi how are you toay?"
  • Jeff: "Fine, how are you?"
  • cashier: "terrible"
  • Jeff (thinking cashier is just partaking in some witty banter): "terrible??"
  • cashier: "I am not going to lie and say I am fine when I am terrible"
  • Jeff: silence
  • cashier: "OK, here is what is happening... I need a guys opinion. You know when you have a girl spend the night, and then you are not quite awake and you call her 'Jessica' when her name is not Jessica?"
  • Jeff: "hmmm.... not good?"
  • cashier: "I have asked a bunch of guys today and they don't know what I should do, and the girl won't talk to me"
  • Jeff: awkward silence
  • Parker (9 year old son): awkward silence
  • cashier is now clearly agitated that witty banter has ceased and customers are uncomfortable. proceeds to start flinging clothing purchases very hard down onto counter and throwing them into the same bags as our food. Poor deviled eggs never had a chance.
  • maggie: "I think that cashier has watched the SNL Target skit one time too many"
  • Jeff: "The girl in the dressing room seemed as miserable as that cashier, what is going on at this target?"
  • maggie: "maybe dressing room girl is cashier boys girlfriend?"
Highlight of the day: Went to Greyhound Rescue of Austin garage sale and met the nicest and most helpful people. Note to Target and McDonalds employees... these people are volunteers not getting paid and are wonderful! Keep up the great work and thanks for all you do to the Greyhound Rescue!

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