Monday, February 15, 2010

Things I have learned since getting a dog

I have learned a few things about myself since deciding to add a puppy to the family. The most interesting thing is how similar the dog is to my son.

- dogs still have to be walked when it is cold and raining. Just like my son still needs to be driven to school when it is cold and raining.

- dogs and little boys come home filthy! You were outside for 2 seconds! Now you are dirty and have fleas! Although the dog gets a point for not throwing the dirty clothes on the floor.

- Puppies will literally eat your homework. I have heard of that but thought it was an old wives tale. So the dog and son both equally, but for different reasons, hate homework.

- Both the boys think bedtime is negotiable

- They both have questionable bathroom habits

- Both puppy and son are willing to cuddle with me when they don't feel well. But in school or the dog park it's "mom, not here!"

- They both know that "puppy dog eyes" will get me everytime

- Neither of them want to put on their coats

- The dog and my son would be perfectly happy for me to sleep on the couch if it means they could lay in my bed and mess up my clean pillows.

- They both beg for treats

I could go on, but there is too much to list. Boys, Boys, Boys!

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