Thursday, April 22, 2010

Again with the Owls?!

I know, I seriously have an owl problem right now. When I am browsing on Etsy I am inexplicably drawn into searching for Owl stuff. Etsy has Owls of all makes and models.

  • This time I was inspired by this super cute stuffed owl from BWinks. They are unique and the fabrics used are so nice. I can't decide which one to order. I believe they can do custom color schemes too. I think this would make a great Mother's day, Baby shower or Birthday gift. The best part is that they are "Good Luck" owls!! You can never have too much of that!

  • The next shop I fell in love with yesterday is called Woolcrazy. These are little hand sized owls and way too cute! It was hard to decide which one to post a picture of. This one is super cute. It also looks like they are part hand sewn, part needle felted and part knitted. The prices seem reasonable to me too. Click on the shop name to go to the Etsy Shop.

  • Okay *hint hint* for my birthday I totally want these plush owl cake toppers! That would be the best birthday ever! This shop, Gifts Define, additionally has the cutest owl mobile I have ever seen. Although I am a little old for an owl mobile, I think I love it.

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  1. Hello, and Thank you for featuring Heddy and Lamar Owls. I love Owls too! I really enjoyed your Random Blog! and your Wanted Creatures are delightful and unique!
    ~Karen @woolcrazy

  2. super cute owls hookety... I especially love the first one!

  3. Well, I hear tell your mom loves to collect pigs... must run in the blood