Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Nerdiest Video Game Stuff on Etsy!

We all know that I am a huge video game nerd. Not the type of video games that the boys like to play. I like games that would feel at home on a Nintendo Game Cube. I especially love nostalgic games, reminds me of the days when I had my first NES system. I remember going to eat at Mr. Gatti's Pizza and playing Centipede for 25 cents (Q-bert too).

Etsy has several cute things that make game nerds like me very happy. These are my picks for the best geeky, nerdy, video game items on Etsy! These shops make it very clear that the game nerd is alive and well.

  • This is a gift set from Digital Soaps and is perfect for the gaming nerds out there (including my brother). They make soaps that look like video game controllers! This set includes an X-Box controller and shampoo in a Mountain Dew bottle! They have all sorts of soap controllers from Sega to Nintendo. They also have these soap sets, anything space invaders gets my heart racing!

  • This is so clever! From 8-Bit Memory (great shop name by the way) comes Hard Drives made out of Nintendo video game cartridges. Yes, cartridges remember those? They come in a variety of GB. The product descriptions are funny to read too. I might have to break down and get the USB drive that was formerly a Nintendo Gameboy cartridge. From what I understand they have different games that you can request to have a hard drive custom made.

  • When just saying you are a video game nerd isn't enough, how about showing that you are with a piece of handmade artwork from ArcadeArt. Not only is the subject matter great, but the art pieces of wonderful aesthetic value. The Pac Man "kill screen" painting is my absolute favorite! If you don't know what a "kill screen" is, you are not quite a game nerd yet.
Click the shop names above to go directly to their shops. Please also check out my shop Wanted Creatures on Etsy. They aren't video game related, but still pretty geeky! Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning my soaps in your blog. I will have to keep up on this. The Mother's Day picks were cute, too!