Thursday, May 6, 2010

10 Cards in 10 Weeks - Week 2 - Preppy inspired cards

Week 2 of my preppy inspired challenge. Check out my friend's blog, Completely Preppy to see her "What preppy wore" challenge. She is helping me with my challenge (making one card a week for 10 weeks) by giving me an inspiration piece every Monday. This week she gave me this:

It has a lot of inspiration for me to work with! I was a little stuck on which direction to go with the card I am making. But was excited to give it a try.

For this card I wanted to capture the pink (of course), the shininess of the satin ribbon, the movement of the feathers and the accent of gold. I pulled out my embossing powder to make sure I would get a nice shiny gold. I thought I would share the heat embossing process in case anyone is curious about this technique.

First you just need your stamp, watermark ink, embossing powder and a heat gun.

Then stamp your image with the watermark ink and cover it with the embossing powder. Then you shake off the excess powder and are left with the powder that is stuck to the ink. Heat up the powder using the heat gun. The powder melts into a wonderful shiny sheen.

This is the complete card:

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  1. oooohhh... I thought this was the results post... hoookety!

  2. yes I should have done that... maybe I will just edit this post with the result.

  3. Lovely card and I sure see the inspiration. And what a wonderful challenge for yourself.