Monday, May 31, 2010

Treasury Tuesday - I might be that crazy cat lady everyone talks about!

I love cats! There I said it. I would be happy with 12 of them. However I think I would be well divorced by then. I have a wonderful cornish rex cat named Khaleah (pronounced Ka-lee-uh) and a beautiful orange tabby Koopa Cat.

So for this week's treasury is called "It is the Cat's MEOW!" (I know... not very orginal). Be sure to visit the shops, they have so many cute things!

1. Cat Bear Hat - xmoonbloom
2. Cat ID Tag - TheCopperPoppy
3. Catnip Eyeballs - HannaPT
4. Haz Cheesburgr - GEEKitty
5. Kitty Portrait - guyjoey10
6. Luxury Bed - IncredibleCat
7. Catnip pillow bed - handmade2save
8. Cat Beret - To Scarborough Fair
9. Felted Fox Toy - TeddysToys
10. Kitty Collar - 77LIONHEART77
11. Cornish Rex Portrait - Dog Art Studio
12. Scratching Tree - PetTreeHouses

How cute would Khaleah look in this dress? I know it is a portrait, but if this were a real dress... she could pull it off! She would need the raspberry beret to go with it!

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