Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Birth of a Sock Creature

I am donating 3 wanted creatures to my son's school for a silent auction they are having. Since all the boys my son's age really like the sock creatures, I thought they might be a good fit. I also thought it might be fun to take you through the process of creating a sock creature. (mind you, the sock does most of the hard work). This particular guy I sewed by hand. So here we go....

Step 1: Inspiration! (sometimes mine comes from my son's drawings, it is amazing what the 9 year old mind comes up with) This time he came up with a whole page full of choices for me.What to choose....what to choose. Okay after much debate we decided this guy would be good. I have been wanting to do a set of fangs.

Step 2: Pick out the socks that will work. I decided to use a glove for the spikes on the head and a black sock for the body. The sock has a gray heel so that will be his lips. I get a scrap from a gray sock to be the arms and a scrap of white sock for the teeth. Then I cut everything out.

Step 3: sew, sew, sew all the pieces. This gives you the final skin. I usually attach my arms after I stuff him. At this point it is a mystery if he will be cute or not. I am leaning toward cute, in a creepy way. But you never know until you stuff it.

Step 4: Stuff him! Oh crud, he isn't looking so cute now! His head is twice as big as his legs and he looks like he is stuffed with pork sausage! My husband and son make fun of him for about 10 minutes with phrases like "'s different" and "are people supposed to buy that?" and "the charity might pay you not to donate him". Then I pout for about 24 hours.

Step 5: I carry on because sometimes they get better right? Okay so I decide the glove head is looking weird so I make pigtail looking ears. I sew half the mouth, hey wait, wasn't he supposed to have fangs? Okay so I can add one fang to other half... turns into fang/tongue. Add the arms and button eyes and he isn't looking so bad now!

Step 6: Name, Praise and Delivery!
Name = "Snaggle"
Praise = "That came out great honey, I was wrong to doubt your talents" (I embellished the quote a little).
Delivery =

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  1. What talent your son has, a page full of doodles is absolutely amazing. Cute little creatures.