Monday, May 10, 2010

Random Movie Review - Avatar

Ok I know Avatar has been out for months and months but I just saw it Saturday night. So I am sure everyone has already seen it and this review won't be very helpful. But thought I would share anyway! If you haven't seen it yet, you might want to skip this in case I spoil something.

This might be unpopular because I know a lot of people love this movie. I didn't really like this movie, it was super long and confusing. I mean I don't understand when the main guy got to sleep. Do they just not need sleep in the future? He was busy being Avatar all day then at night he would be busy having witty banter with his human companions. THEN, oh time to be an Avatar again.

Ok so PRO's:
  • The ships and robots looked very cool
  • The colors were vivid and beautiful
  • They only made me read subtitles in parts of the movie
  • I did almost cry at one part so it did get me emotionally at some point.... not sure how that happened!
  • Super Long
  • Very preachy about the environment, war for commodities and terrorism. Can't I just see a movie without the hidden agenda?
  • The blue people and surroundings look too much like video game animation. Don't get me wrong, I love video game animation. I think in 10 years though this might begin to look cheesy.
Similarities to Titanic:
  • Avatar - girl is daughter of powerful tribe leader. Titanic - girl is daughter of powerful wealthy family.
  • Avatar - boy is last minute replacement for someone that couldn't go on the mission. Titanic - boy gets last minute ticket and replaces someone on the Titanic
  • Avatar - boy lacks knowledge and ways of the tribe, but is willing to learn. Titanic - boy lacks knowledge and ways of the upper class, but is willing to learn.
  • Avatar - Huge tree blows up breaks in half and smashes a bunch of people on the way. Titanic - Huge ship sinks breaks in half and smashes a bunch of people on the way.
  • Avatar - Two world collide, humans and aliens. Titanic - two worlds collide, poor and rich
  • Avatar - characters you come to care about die horrible unnecessary deaths. Titanic - ditto
I could go on, but don't want to bore everyone. If you can think of some more please leave a comment.

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  1. I would argue that it has more in common with Dances with Wolves and Pocahontas then Titanic. Cameron has a thing for strong women From Ripley in Aliens, Sarah Conner in the Terminator movies, That Brunette in the Abyss, etc...

    As far as your Cons go I wouldn't say there was a hidden agenda in the movie. It's quite blatant but its nothing new.

    And yes, the robots are cool. I want my own knife-wielding armored exo-skeleton!

    -Your bro

  2. I'm not sure why Avatar did as well as it did. Visually pleasing, storyline I feel was above average.... but #1 all time and Over 2 billion grossed world wide?!? Wow... I think the stars kinda alligned for James Cameron this time around... now half the film industry is hailing the guy a genius. I perfer Titanic over Avatar 100 times over. But, I still give Avatar a thumbs up.

  3. When they would go be avatars in the day that was them dreaming if you listen in the beginning they call him a dream walker but you are right it does look like a video game at some times