Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Etsy Poster Sketch - Super Fun!

I just found out about this Etsy Treasury on Etsy. If you don't know what it is, it is a place for you to make a list with 12 items. Your list could be picked for the Etsy front page (you know how the front page always has a cute selection of items). There are a limited number so you have to be online at exactly the right time to get one.

I have gotten two so far... but the point of this story is that Etsy has a tool called Poster Sketch. Click HERE to check it out. So here you can make lists for fun or to prepare in case you get a Treasury. So the fun of it is trying to pick a selection of items with a theme. Well I made one tonight and I am in love with it. If I get a treasury tomorrow this is what I will post. But in case I don't get one, I wanted to share these great shops with you.

So the theme is "shopping by number"...

Here are the shops that are included. They are listed by number! I want all of them and some shops had several items that would have worked just as well. Click the shop name to see these talented Etsy artists.
1. Vintage Market Place
2. My Adobe Cottage
3. New Dominion Blues
4. Green Balloon
5. Simple Sweet Design
6. Bonnie Jones
7. CS Unique Jewelry
8. Reiter8
9. Flea Market Trixie
10. Tipple and Snack
11. Mike Narciso
12. The Posh Event

While you are checking out these shops, please stop by my Etsy shops MD Cards and Gifts and Wanted Creatures!


  1. Hi, thanks so much for the wonderful comment you left for me. I love your selection for a potential treasury! I am crazy about numbers.
    This one surely would make the coveted front page.

  2. I love your poster! Then again, I'm a little partial to numbers. I never knew about this feature - thanks for sharing.

    Also, you don't have to wait any more to catch a treasury. Go to: http://www.etsy.com/treasury/ for the new 'Treasury East'. Etsy Admin announced in the forums that they are only picking treasuries from this new format for the front page.

    Good luck and happy treasury making!

  3. Love the new blog look, much improved! and much more your style! and I love the number nine thing.... you make me want to get into this whole treasury deal.... don't forget to look into polyvore... I think you'll like it!