Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Treasury Tuesday - Plush Emotions

Kind of a bummer this week. I donated 3 sock creatures to a silent auction at my son's school. Click HERE to see the set I donated. They didn't get one bid... I finally bid so they wouldn't be left there. So in the end I bought back my own sock creatures! At least I am a loyal customer of mine! =)

I have been thinking that maybe my sock creatures need better facial expressions, or eyelids. So my treasury this week is called:

"Full Range of Emotions with Softies".

These shops have the cutest plush and these are the best facial expressions around! If you aren't familiar with the Etsy Treasury, click HERE to take a look. You should visit these shops because this only scratches the surface of the great looking plush in these shops! Click the shop names below.

So thank you to these artists for the additional inspiration I need to get my sock creatures looking more "emotional".

1. Mad Monster - Cronopia6
2. Mischievous Monkey - Amigurumi Princess
3. Dweezil - Misfit Menagerie
4. Kitty Cat - Gush 4 Plush
5. Happy Bunny - Gush 4 Plush
6. Mr. Fox - Strawberries and cream
7. Ornery Felt Toad - Woodland Wool
8. LOL - Mint Conspiracy
9. Shiver Friend - Ohma Felt
10. Sad Little Mouse - Elly Charlotte
11. Jellyfish - Curster
12. Monster Man - Tight Ship
13. Pink Monkey - Cute Designs
14. Owl - Sassy Pack Rat Studios
14. Queen of Hearts - Plushroom Soup
15. Canoodle - Canoo

Thanks for stopping by! Please visit my shop Wanted Creatures.


  1. bummer that nobody else bid on the sock creatures.... it's just not the right market... you should have donated them to a silent auction for angsty high school girls... then you would have sold out ASAP! :) and they would have told all their friends to come buy one!

  2. I LOVED your sock creatures! I agree it wasn't the right market.

    Thanks so much for putting my owl in your treasury, stopping by to look at my shop and the nice comments you made!

  3. Awww, I can't believe you didn't sell 'em! And I agree with the other posters; wrong market. Not to worry, your buyers will definitely find you before long! Sending hugs!!

  4. Sorry to hear about the school auction but maybe they're not ready for sock creatures, lol. I get that about some of my items at times but then they sell in the end.

    You'll get there with your sock creatures, just hard to get your name out there and be seen.

    Thank you for including my Millie monkey. :)

  5. Hey there! Thanks for including my monster in your feature!

    Sorry to hear about the school auction. Like other comments have said, it's all about finding the right audience. Some people appreciate and enjoy cute plush more than others. :)